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Years of experience in financial services helping hundreds of families has taught us that no single product or plan fits everyone. That's why we take the time to understand your unique situation, challenges, needs & goals to develop a custom strategy with access to all the tools in the trade.

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Independent financial advice means we're not beholden to any parent company or ulterior motives. We're wholly focused on the individual client & their goals. Independence allows us to analyze problems objectively & gives us untethered access to many companies, strategies & solutions.

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We're located in one of the fastest growing areas of West Houston, near the heart of Katy. For your convenience, we're available by appointment virtually using Zoom, on-campus, in-home, or at our office off I-10 & 99.

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We use a holistic approach to financial advice & wealth management that takes into account your unique situation, goals & risk tolerance. Whether you're looking to build wealth, generate income, protect what you've saved, or insure your family against the unknown, McCaffrey Wealth Management can help.

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Reaching your financial goals starts with a straightforward conversation. Let's discuss what's important to you & how we can help you implement a winning strategy.

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