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For your convenience, we have provided an easy-to-use & no cost quoting tool to help you compare & contrast different life insurance companies, their rates & varying coverage term time frames. A calculator tool is also available to help you identify different types of coverage for you, based on your unique needs. Use the button below to start your comparisons, or call/schedule a time to speak with us to discuss your needs & coverage options.

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Why Is Life Insurance Important?

Why Is Life Insurance Important?

Life insurance is used primarily to protect your family & loved ones against the financial consequences of your untimely death. It's essentially a contract with a life insurance company designed to mitigate financial liability & provide financial support when your family may need it most. Coverage intends to provide money to replace your wages or serve as additional savings, pay for funeral expenses, help alleviate debts like a mortgage or possibly college expenses for your children.

While we hope you never need to use life insurance, the coverage is crucial to protect your family & is an integral part of any person’s comprehensive plan, especially for families who have children to care for.

How We Help Clients With Their Life Insurance Needs

  • Step 1: Together, we'll discuss your family's coverage needs by going through a simple needs analysis to discover how much you need & for how long of a term. This will factor in any existing coverage, including current coverage through work you may have & important considerations regarding potential loss of coverage or shortcomings of the existing insurance. This helps ensure you don't have too little coverage or pay for too much.
  • Step 2: Discuss what type of policy suits your family's needs, term or permanent, as well as the advantages & trade-offs to each.
  • Step 3: Compare quotes from different providers & choose a policy that fits your budget from a financially sound company.
  • Step 4: We'll schedule a medical exam if necessary. If not, we'll apply for & wait to be approved for the policy.
  • Step 5: Once approved & issued, you can be confident that you have a policy appropriately suited for your needs & that your family's financial future is protected.

At McCaffrey Wealth Management, we understand & appreciate that the financial decisions you make, that will impact your family's well being, are not made lightly. We hope to share our knowledge to aide you in making these important decisions, & give you confidence in your choices.

That's why we are happy to provide clients with complimentary consultation. Please use the button below to schedule a meeting to discuss tailored options for you & your family. Also, if you have any questions, please send us an email or give us a call.   -   832-400-4688

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Calculator disclosure: This estimated life insurance calculation is only intended to give you an overview of your insurance needs. For a comprehensive analysis, you should consider meeting with a qualified, licensed insurance professional.