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Investors often turn to mutual funds & exchange traded funds (ETFs) to save for retirement & other financial goals. In both, professional fund managers buy & sell underlying securities for the fund to achieve a specific objective. Mutual funds & ETFs allow investors exposure to hundreds of different stocks, bonds, & money market instruments under a single umbrella & over the past few decades, have emerged as one of today's most popular investment choices.


Among the many benefits of mutual funds & ETFs are the opportunities to reduce risk through diversification, increased liquidity, & in many cases, a degree of flexibility associated with the ability to switch investments within a fund family.

Mutual funds & ETFs fall into several main categories. Some are bond funds (also called fixed income funds), & some are stock funds (also called equity funds). There are also funds that invest in a combination of these categories, such as balanced funds & target date funds, & newer types of funds such as alternative funds, smart-beta funds & esoteric ETFs. In addition, there are money market funds, which are a specific type of mutual fund.

Of course, mutual funds & ETFs do fluctuate with market conditions & when redeemed, may be worth more or less than your original investment as well as carry various degrees of risks depending on the individual fund's objectives.

McCaffrey Wealth Management offers clients access to hundreds of mutual fund families & ETFs designed to meet a wide variety of investment needs. For more complete information & to carefully consider the securities offered, including risks, charges, expenses & fees, please request a prospectus & read it carefully before you invest.

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